Human Rights in Islam

Islam is a complete and integral Divine religion and way of life. It has a complete code of ethics for a happy life, and peaceful, tranquil life after death. Islam is pure from all imperfections, defects and blemishing effects. It is a perfect way of life… read more Islam and The Preservation of The Five Essential…


International Scholarships from the 100 World’s Best Universities

This is a list of International Scholarships from the 100 World’s Best Universities. 1. University of Oxford 2. University of Cambridge 3. California Institute of Technology 4. Stanford University 5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6. Harvard University 7. Princeton University 8. Imperial College London 9. University of Chicago 10. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of…


Women’s Rights in Islam     

Islamic View of Women – The Muslim view of women has been so misrepresented in the West that it is still a prevalent idea in Europe and America that Muslims think that women have no souls! In the Holy Qur’an no difference whatsoever is made between the sexes in relation to Allah; both are promised…


This Is Muhammad

This Is Muhammad How It All Began The Children Of Ishmael The Promise At Zamzam The Elephant Refuses To Move The Prophet Is Born A Time With Halimah The Orphan’s Childhood  The Prophet’s Marriage The Coming of The Archangel Gabriel The First Muslims The Troubles Begin The King Who Believed  The Cruelty of Quraysh The…


World’s Best Travel Destination in 200 Countries

This is a List of World’s Best Travel Destination in 200 Countries. Afghanistan Best Travel Destination   Albania Best Travel Destination Algeria Best Travel Destination Andorra Best Travel Destination   Angola Best Travel Destination Antigua and Barbuda Best Travel Destination   Argentina Best Travel Destination Armenia Best Travel Destination Aruba Best Travel Destination Austria Best Travel Destination Azerbaijan Best Travel Destination Bahamas…


Understanding Islam

Understanding Islam What is Islam? The Creation Is There Life after Death? The Oneness of Allah Five Pillars of Islam Purpose of Messengers Prophet Noah, The Second Father of Humanity Prophet Abraham, The Father of the Prophets Prophet Moses (Kalamullah) Prophet Jesus, The Great messenger Prophet Muhammad, The Seal of The Messengers The Previous Books…


Discovering the Truth

Getting to Know our Creator    Proofs of Existence  Our Soul’s Testimony Creation of the Heavens and the Earth Turning to the Creator in Hard Times Affirming What Hearts Already Know Creation Points to the Existence of a Creator The Divine Solicitude for Creation & His Making the Earth an Abode for Mankind Perfection of…

Set of 3 religious symbols: islamic crescent, jewish David's star, christian cross

Is There a True Religion?

Is There a True Religion? Is there a God? Did God communicate with Humans? Is there a need for Religion? Religion of choice Characteristics of the true Religion


Don’t be sad

Don’t be sad Contemplate and be thankful The past is gone forever Today is all that you have Leave the future alone until it comes How to deal with bitter criticism Do not expect gratitude from anyone  Doing good to others gives comfort to the heart  Repel boredom with work  Do not be a mimicker…


Looking for God? Get Reasonable!

Looking for God? Get Reasonable! Syed Iqbal Zaheer The Existence of God The Origin of Matter Laws of Nature The Ratios The Origin of Life The Disarray of Atheists Unsatisfactory Answers Morality Consciousness Order  Chance Occurrence? Design and Beauty The Problem with Atheism The lslamic Perspective Aspiring to Understand God Recognizing God An lrrefutable Sign…

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