Aspiring to Understand God

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Aspiring to Understand God
Looking for God? Get Reasonable!

“Who (or what) created God?” is an illogical question because if something had created God, it would then be the Creator, i.e., God. Thus, the chain could go on and on until the human mind decided to break out of the endless cycle. By their very nature, human beings are disqualified from fully comprehending their Lord. The Qur’an says:

“Vision perceives Him not, while He perceives [all] ViSion; and He is Subtle, the Aware.” (6:103)

So we must acknowledge that we cannot understand our Creator. As a matter of fact, is there anything of God’s creation we can understand fully and completely? Can we comprehend the forces of nature? Or the ant, or the atom? Do we even understand ourselves? How can a being that does not really know itself or other created beings aspire to understand its Creator?

Author : Syed Iqbal Zaheer

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