Could There Really Be More Than One God?

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Looking for God? Get Reasonable!

The obvious answer is that if two or more deities existed, there would be competition. That is why the religious systems which endorse multiple deities put their deities to swords against each other. But when one of them overcomes its rival, then the defeated one could not have been God.

If someone asks whether God could not create another God like Himself, we say, “How can this created being be the God who created all things when it has itself been created? As a matter of fact, the question itself is an erroneous contradiction, because saying that something is created means that it cannot be God. It is obviously illogical and irrational to say that something is God and cannot be God at the same time.

Polytheism survives not because of any intellectual justification for it but only due to sentiments, custom, tribal loyalties, cultural pressures, pride in a national religion, etc. Whenever polytheists are asked to justify their worship of several deities represented by idols, they defend the practice on the grounds that these idols help them to concentrate, but that they too believe in one supreme God. Except for the most irrational fanatics among them, attachment to false deities is superficial and restricted to religious rituals. When it comes to sincere spiritual striving, the lesser deities are forgotten. Insistence by religious authorities on retaining deities other than the one true God has disenchanted the great majority of educated people of our times, people who are not atheists but who simply avoid contact with all religion on the assumption that it is irrational.

Author : Syed Iqbal Zaheer

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