Design and Beauty

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Design and Beauty
Looking for God? Get Reasonable!

Presence of design is yet another irrefutable signature of a Creator in the universe. If the presence of matter can somehow be explained away, how do atheists explain the presence of design? And of beauty? Who is not aware of the beauty of a starry night? Or the full-moon?

Every single particle, every living organism, down to the lifeless viruses which only come to life when they enter a living body, evince intricacy in design to an astonishing level. And their design is accompanied by aesthetic values. The pattern implemented is not simply a random assembly. This in itself is a puzzling factor, but the beauty involved is equally puzzling.

In fact, the more complicated and intricate the design within the created world, the more beautiful its appearance. Not only have atoms and molecules been intricately and beautifully designed, but the galaxies as well. A first time look at the photograph of a galaxy leaves one in amazement. One can lie on his back in a place where electric lights do not brighten the night sky and stare at the glittering heaven for hours without feeling weary.

Similarly, the intricacy involved in the design and function of a biological cell fills the heart with wonder. If attempted by humans on earth, the equivalent to such a mechanism would occupy hundreds of acres of land, and it still might not function as efficiently.

Within a couple of hours, for instance, the chromosome strands (DNA) consisting of three billion base pairs and involving 50 billion atoms or more are replicated without error. The protein shape, the shapes of the organelles, the mitochondria and the DNA are not merely intricately designed but also breathtakingly beautiful. Who makes this come about? Again, we have no answer from the atheists except chance, chance, and more chance.

The aforementioned demonstrates an obvious fact. The assumption that God does not exist is an irrational attitude which creates several problems. On the other hand, to acknowledge His existence is entirely rational and fills in many gaps.

The puzzle is similar to a sheet of paper that has been torn into pieces. Then someone painstakingly collects the pieces and puts them together. But a single piece is missing. That piece will not only complete the appearance of the page but will also complete what is written on it. Finally, as the man had almost given up hope, he finds that piece. He places it in the vacant space and 10, not only does it fit perfectly, but the script is now complete. That missing piece is God. True, the proofs and evidences are not physically demonstrable. But they are weighty enough to lead a rational mind to near certainty.

Author : Syed Iqbal Zaheer

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