The God of Creation and of Mankind

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Looking for God? Get Reasonable!

The Qur’an instructs:

“Say, ‘I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, the Sovereign of mankind, the God of mankind’” (114:1.3)

The heart contains a natural instinctive longing to know its Lord and seek refuge in Him. It cannot feel true pleasure, satisfaction, tranquility, assurance or confidence except through worshipping its Creator and seeking His acceptance. Faith in God is an important advantage for humanity, for it is related to man’s existence and his destiny his ultimate contentment or misery. Therefore, no intelligent person should ignore it.

Faith is something spiritual and psychological that reaches to the depths of the soul. A believer in God perceives the bond between himself and everything that exists and thus cannot feel emptiness, insignificance or apathy. The believer shifts from the worship of himself and other humans to the worship of his Creator and Sustainer alone, from the obedience of his own whims and desires to the obedience of God. When he worships in the way instructed by God, he can expect a great reward in the next life.

When one reads the words of God (the Qur’an), he becomes aware of his position of honor in the sight of his Creator and of his position of leadership among the creatures of this universe; he becomes aware of his own worth and takes pride in belonging to God.

This final revelation has purified religion from all that humans altered over the centuries, returning man to untainted beliefs and to the worship of his Creator alone. It has put an end to the corruption that had permeated the concept of godhood, such as the claim of three in one, the need for agents or intercessors, or the combining of divine and human attributes in man or deity. Such deviations in religious doctrine had long contaminated for the human race their outlook on life and their relationship with their Creator. The Qur’an was revealed to restore for all time the pure religion of the prophets, presenting it in a way consistent with divine wisdom, compatible with human intelligence, and appropriate for all mankind until the end of time.

Author : Syed Iqbal Zaheer

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