The Origin of Life

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The Origin of Life

Looking for God? Get Reasonable!

Atheists say that life is the result of chemical combinations it occurred accidentally and should continue to exist unless physical conditions undergo change. Life can appear anywhere in the universe if the right conditions prevail. There is no such thing as a soul, and there is no departure to anywhere after death. It is claimed, without any scientific evidence, that life developed as a result of chance circumstances. Somehow, the first amino acids formed, which then combined to make simple proteins. Then, quite by chance, a simple strand of DNA came into existence, with which matter in its new form (life) miraculously started replicating. Thereafter, natural selection took over, and with time, humans evolved.

However, it is also claimed that the first life appeared in a very special environment under special circumstances pertaining to the earth and its atmosphere, and so a repeat is deemed impossible. If a kind of life other than what we are familiar with could appear, then obviously it should have appeared by now, during the last four billion years. This is their rationalization for why there is only one kind of life and not a second and third kind, although several varieties should be possible.

While talking in philosophical terms with biological jargon, biologists have not been able to answer any of the questions raised about the mystery called “natural selection.” In their confusion and unease, some biologists have begun to treat DNA as the “omniscient god” who skillfully decides everything occurring in the biological world. The genes seem to know all about what goes on inside and outside themselves. They are self-serving, know how to outsmart others and, according to Richard Dawkins, can even predict their own future (The Selfish Gene, p. 55). For example, within cotton seeds are cells, within which sits a nucleus, within which are strands of DNA, within which lie the genes. They know that there is an outside world; they know that the land is vast; they know the condition of the soil, that there is air outside that can become wind, so they instruct the growth of a cotton head to enable the seed to fly to distant places where it can plant itself all so that the DNA that took the ride can make more of itself!

One of several problems with the accidental appearance of life concept, which scientists do not like to discuss, is that oxygen is among the essential components of life. If there is no oxygen, there can be no life. But the paradox is that during the formation of the first molecule of life, oxygen should not have been present. That is because oxygen is a strong and quick reactant. Any freshly made molecule would be oxidized and break down if there is oxygen around. This is not the chicken first or egg first question; it is about egg or no egg.

Another paradox is that life defies the second law of thermodynamics which says that physical bodies undergo a continuous increase in entropy (which implies an increase in disorder), whereas life is highly organized. Without a controlling influence, all systems degenerate into chaos. For instance, a hot mass (such as the sun) will lose energy to a cold mass, but it can never reclaim its lost energy. In the same way, there can only be an increase in entropy in the physical world, while the reverse is ruled out. However, life has zero entropy and, on the contrary, increases its order. It is therefore not unreasonable to assume existence of a controlling factor.

It might be pointed out that during man’s attempts at creating life, he could not produce amino acids, its primary element, in laboratories. The recent production. of amino acids required the help of micro-organisms, which are living organisms. Decades of trials have led scientists nowhere despite some sensational claims (such as Miller’s attempt). And even if they eventually succeed in producing amino acids, it will be no more than a simulation of already existing molecules and nothing new.

Without amino acids, proteins cannot be produced. For humans to try and assemble a single protein is similar to weighing a million jumping frogs; and there are about 50,000 different kinds of proteins in a single cell, which itself is invisible to the human eye.

Author : Syed Iqbal Zaheer (Looking for God? Get Reasonable!)

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