This Is Muhammad


This Is Muhammad

How It All Began

The Children Of Ishmael

The Promise At Zamzam

The Elephant Refuses To Move

The Prophet Is Born

A Time With Halimah

The Orphan’s Childhood 

The Prophet’s Marriage

The Coming of The Archangel Gabriel

The First Muslims

The Troubles Begin

The King Who Believed 

The Cruelty of Quraysh

The Year of Sorro

The Night Journey And The Ascent To Heaven

The Treaty of ‘Aqabah


Arrival In Yathrib

The Battle Of Badr

Uhud-Defeat Comes From Disobedience

The Battle Of The Trench

The Treaty Of Hudaybiyah

The Invitation

Entry Into Mecca

The Lesson Of Pride At The Valley Of Hunayn

Tabuk-The Test Of Faith  

The Farewell Pilgrimage  

The Prophet’s Death   


Let’s share as alms …  


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