Miracles of the Qur’an : A Natural Barrier Between Seas

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Miracles of the Qur’an : A Natural Barrier Between Seas

Understanding Islam   

Scientists have recently proven that where two bodies of water come together there is a barrier undetectable to the human eye which maintains the salinity, temperature and density of each, with neither transgressing the other.

This can be observed where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. When it comes to sweet water meeting salt water in estuaries this is also true.

This ‘barrier’ was mentioned in the Qur’an over 1400 years ago.

“He released the two seas, meeting [side by side]; Between them is a barrier [so] neither of them transgresses.” (Qur’an 55: 19-20)

‘“And it is He who has released [simultaneously] the two seas, one fresh and sweet and one salty and bitter, and He placed between them a barrier and prohibiting partition.” (Qur’an 25: 53)

What is interesting is that pearl divers in the Gulf knew of this natural phenomenon. What is interesting is that pearl divers in the Gulf knew of this natural phenomena. There are in the salty waters of the Arabian Gulf, ‘springs’ of sweet water that lie about four to six metres below sea level. During the long months at sea pearl divers would frequent these springs, where they would dive to replenish their stores of
fresh water. One such famous spring is ‘Ain Ighmisa’ which lies to the north-east of the city of Jubail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Author : Abdullah Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center, Qatar

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