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Scholarships and Graduate Students

The main sources of U-M graduate student scholarship/fellowship opportunities are your U-M school, college, or department and the Rackham Graduate School.

The Office of Financial Aid administers several scholarships for graduate students, as detailed in the menus below. If the scholarships are based on demonstrated need, be sure to apply for financial aid to be considered. At U-M, scholarships are awarded based on several criteria including academic achievement, personal talents, interests, or leadership qualities, financial need, or a combination of these. Awards often reflect the university’s commitment to achieving a diverse student body. While a separate application is required for some scholarships, most require only your university admission application.

You may also search for private scholarship opportunities by using the list of suggested free scholarship search engines below.

If you plan to study abroad, the U-M International Institute lists a number of funding opportunities for graduate and professional school students or you can see our Study Abroad Scholarships page for additional information.


No additional application required

Camp Michigania Scholarship

Students with work experience at Camp Michigania

Ernst (Robert and Deborah)
Students from Detroit, MI enrolled in Ross School of Business with demonstrate financial need and merit

George (William Hamby and Libbie B.) Scholarship
Students with high academic achievement and demonstrated financial need

Gavett (George Irving) Scholarship
Graduates of high schools in King County, Washington, or students from any high school in Washington

Harrison (Gus) Scholarship
Students studying in the fields of Social Work or Public Administration

Robbins (Frank E.) Memorial Scholarship
Students enrolled in the schools of Public Health, Nursing, Dentistry and the College of Pharmacy

Verdier Scholarship Fund
LS&A or Engineering students from East Grand Rapids High School with demonstrated financial need

Mack (Rev. Hw Am and Vm Ernst) Scholarship
Students in Pharmacy, Medicine, or Dentistry

University of Michigan Alumni of China Scholarship Fund
Students who attended high school or college in China

Uses ‘My Scholarship Profile”

Once you are admitted, submit additional information about yourself to help us know more about you.

The My Scholarship Profile feature in the Campus Finances section in Wolverine Access collects and securely stores your information, and makes it available to scholarship administrators across campus. Some donor-provided scholarships awarded by the schools and colleges and the Office of Financial Aid need this additional detail. No separate application is required.

Harrison (Seth) Scholarship
Graduate or undergraduate scholarships for the benefit of descendants of Seth Harrison

Culpepper (Thomas W. and Marilyn Mayer) Endowed Scholarship
Award recipient selected by Beta Delta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority

Requiring an application

Applications are available here from Oct. 1 – Feb. 15:

LEO Union Scholarship (application)
Undergraduate or graduate students who are dependents of a member of a union

Alumnae Council Scholarships (website) (application)
Students with high academic achievement and demonstrated financial need

Lee (Herbert H.) Scholarship (application)
Students with demonstrated need and personal knowledge of Korean culture

Iden (Thomas M.) Scholarship Trust (application)
Students who are active in the work of an Ann Arbor church


Private college scholarships are offered by corporate, professional, trade, government, civic, religious, social and fraternal organizations ranging from small honorariums to thousands of dollars. You must complete any required applications and meet eligibility criteria for individual scholarships.

Start searching early: If you are in high school, start as soon as your junior year. A quick way to find scholarships is to use free scholarship search websites. Other good places to search include your local library, high school guidance counselor’s office and bookstores.

Individual private scholarships are not listed on this page. Today’s scholarship search engines are robust and offer you many ways to search for and discover scholarships appropriate to your individual situations. Below are some of the more popular free search tools with basic resources to assist you in your search (we do not recommend companies that offer scholarship services for a fee):


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