Corona Virus – Rhoma Irama

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Corona Virus – Rhoma Irama

The horror that is gripping
And destroying the whole world
When the creature is coming
To attack and to kill us
It cannot be seen by the eye
And cannot be touched
But it’s scared and it’s terrified
Everyone in the world
Almost every single country
Was forced to lockdown
Isolated and silenced
Feeling fear beyond Expression
Only to you my lord
We ask for protection
From the threat of the danger
That pandemi virus
Please give us a guidance
To fight against it
The eye of the world are open
How weak we are as human
Although already powerful
We are actually fragile
Only with a small microbe
That is called corona
Has already destroyed
The basis of our lives
Action and also prayer
Let us make an effort
To save and free the world
From microbe
It called corona 

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