Did God communicate with Humans?

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True Religion

Are all Religions correct? Even though belief in God is prevalent worldwide, belief in organized religion is generally weak, especially in the West. Some feel that because there are so many religions today, how can a person know which one to follow?

Others point out that each religion claims to be the one true religion, so the easiest conclusion is that they must all be false since they cannot all be true. The consequence of this position in secular western countries has been to label all religions as personal beliefs and declare equal acceptance of all religions. Furthermore, it has led to official disapproval of any faith which claimed superiority over others. Interfaith dialogues, which have become popular, assert that it does not matter what religion one follows as long as the follower is sincere about it. The idea of insisting that any religion is the only true one has been declared outdated, uncivilized, politically incorrect and extreme.

Despite the fact that many participate in interfaith dialogues and appear to embrace the idea that there is no one true religion, people, nevertheless, still uphold the belief that their own religion is best. The mere fact that they have chosen to follow a particular religion proves this point. Either one religion must be true and all others are not, or else they are all true. If they all are true, they have to share similar beliefs. It is impossible, however, for all of them to be true because each religion possesses a unique set of ideologies. Therefore, the reality is that only one can be the true religion revealed by God Almighty.

Dr. A. A. Bilal Philips

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