Getting to Know our Creator : The Subjection & Arrangement of the Universe

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Getting to Know our Creator : The Subjection & Arrangement of the Universe
Discovering the Truth

As we know from recent scientific discoveries, this universe is governed very precisely, and nothing – not even a single atom – can go out of control. This precision and accuracy, as well as the similarity in this universe lead, without doubt, to the fact that this universe is created by the one Omnipotent creator who holds it together, controls it and arranges it.

12. To Him belong the keys (reins) of the heavens and the earth. He enlarges provision for whom He wills, and straitens (it for whom He wills). Verily He is the All-Knower of everything. [Quran 42: 12]

54. Indeed your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in Six Days, and then He rose over (Istawâ) the Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty). He brings the night as a cover over the day, seeking it rapidly, and (He created) the sun, the moon, the stars subjected to His Command. Surely, His is the Creator and Commandment. Blessed is Allah, the Lord of the worlds! [Quran 7: 54]

13. He merges the night into the day, and He merges the day into the night. And He has subjected the sun and the moon: each runs its course for a term appointed. Such is Allah, your Lord; His is the kingdom. And those, whom you invoke or call upon instead of Him, own not even a Qitmîr (the thin membrane over the date-stone). [Quran 35: 13]

164. Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, and the ships which sail through the sea with that which is of use to mankind, and the water which Allah sends down from the sky and makes the earth alive therewith after its death, and the moving (living) creatures of all kinds that He has scattered therein, and in the veering of winds and clouds which are held between the sky and the earth, are indeed signs for people of understanding. [Quran 2: 164]

79. Do they not see the birds held (flying) in the midst of the sky? None holds them but Allah. Verily, in this are clear signs for people who believe (in the Oneness of Allah). [Quran 16: 79]

32. Allah is He Who has created the heavens and the earth and sends down water (rain) from the sky, and thereby brought forth fruits as provision for you; and He has made the ships to be of service to you, that they may sail through the sea by His Command; and He has made rivers (also) to be of service to you. 33. And He has made the sun and the moon, both constantly pursuing their courses, to be of service to you; and He has made the night and the day, to be of service to you. [Quran 14: 32-33]

12. And He has subjected to you the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; and the stars are subjected by His Command. Surely, in this are proofs for people who understand. 13. And whatsoever He has created for you on the earth of varying colours. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. 14. And He it is Who has subjected the sea (to you), that you eat thereof fresh tender meat (i.e. fish), and that you bring forth out of it ornaments to wear. And you see the ships ploughing through it, that you may seek (thus) of His Bounty (by transporting the goods from place to place) and that you may be grateful. [Quran 16: 12-14]

65. See you not that Allah has subjected to you (mankind) all that is on the earth, and the ships that sail through the sea by His Command? He withholds the heaven from falling on the earth except by His Leave. Verily, Allah is, for mankind, Full of Kindness, Most Merciful. [Quran 22: 65]

20. See you not (O men) that Allah has subjected for you whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, and has completed and perfected His Graces upon you, (both) apparent and hidden? Yet of mankind is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge or guidance or a Book giving light! [Quran 31: 20]

71. Do they not see that We have created for them of what Our Hands have created the cattle, so that they are their owners. 72. And We have subdued them unto them so that some of them they have for riding and some they eat. 73. And they have (other) benefits from them, and they get (milk) to drink. Will they not then be grateful? [Quran 36: 71-73]

15. He it is Who has made the earth subservient to you (i.e. easy for you to walk, to live and to do agriculture on it); so walk in the path thereof and eat of His provision. And to Him will be the Resurrection. [Quran 67: 15]

6. Have We not made the earth as a bed? 7. And the mountains as pegs? 8. And We have created you in pairs. 9. And We have made your sleep as a thing for rest. 10. And We have made the night as a covering.

11. And We have made the day for livelihood. 12. And We have built above you seven strong (heavens). 13. And We have made (therein) a shining lamp (sun). 14. And We have sent down from the rainy clouds abundant water. 15. That We may produce therewith corn and vegetations. 16. And gardens of thick growth. [Quran 78: 6-16]

48. And We have spread out the earth: how Excellent Spreader (thereof) are We! 49. And of everything We have created pairs, that you may remember (the Grace of Allah). [Quran 51: 48-49]

Author : Hamad Saleh AL-Hoqail

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