Islam & Human Rights : The Rights of Children in Islam

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Islam & Human Rights : The Rights of Children in Islam  

Understanding Islam

In much of the world before Islam, there was a great deal of mistreatment of children, the worst of which was infanticide; the killing of children soon after birth. 

This was practised for fear of destitution, as sacrifices to false gods, or for preventing social disgrace with the birth of a daughter.

The Qur’an rejected all inhumane treatment and gave children many rights; the rights to be fed, clothed and protected, the right to enjoy love and affection from their parents, the right to equal treatment between the siblings, the right to education and the right to adequate inheritance.

“Say, ‘Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. [He commands] that you not associate anything with Him, and to parents, good treatment, and do not kill your children out of poverty; We will provide for you and them…’ ” (Qur’an 6: 151)

Furthermore, the mind of the child must be nurtured, and education is vital in this respect. The heart of a child must be filled with faith, the child’s mind entertained with proper guidance, knowledge and wisdom, and morals and good character are integral to the child’s development.

“Fear Allah and treat your children [small or grown] fairly [with equal justice].” (Bukhari and Muslim)

The Qur’an rejected all inhumane treatment and gave children many rights…

Author : Abdullah Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center, Qatar

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