Grieve not over unworthy things

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By being unconcerned over trifles, you display a virtue that will bring you happiness, for the one who is lofty in his aims is engrossed only with concern for the Hereafter.

One of our pious predecessors advised one of his brothers with the following words,

“Be concerned about this only: about meeting Allah, about standing in front of Him, and about the Hereafter.”

“That Day shall you be brought to Judgment, not a secret of you will be hidden” (Qur’an 69: 18)

There is not a single worry or concern whose significance is not diminished when it is compared to the concerns of the Hereafter. What are the worries of this life? They are status, prestige, fame,

income, wealth, mansions, and children. They are all nothing when compared to the accountability before Allah!

Allah described His enemies, the hypocrites, by saying:

“While another party was thinking about themselves [as how to save their ownselves, ignoring the others and the Prophet] and thought wrongly of Allah…” (Qur’an 3: 154)

Their concerns are for themselves, their stomachs, and their lusts; they know nothing of higher motives.

When the people pledged allegiance to the Prophet (bpuh) under the tree, one of the hypocrites left hastily in search of his red camel, which had strayed. He said,

“For me to find my camel is more beloved to me than your ceremony of pledging allegiance.”

And in relation to this incident, the following is related in a hadith:

“All of you have been forgiven, except for the owner of the red camel.”

One of the hypocrites, who was worried only about himself, said to his companions concerning the expedition to Tabuk, “March not forth in the heat.” Allah, the Exalted, said:

“Say: ‘The Fire of Hell is more intense in heat” (Qur’an 9: 81)

Another one of them said:

“Grant me leave [to be exempted from jihad] and put me not into trial” (Qur’an 9: 49)

And Allah said:

“Surely, they have fallen into trial” (Qur’an 9: 49)

While yet others were troubled and concerned only for their wealth and their families:

“Our possessions and our families occupied us, so ask forgiveness for us” (Qur’an 48: 11)

These concerns are trifles that none should be preoccupied with – except for those who are themselves trifling and insignificant. As for the noble Companions, they desired the favors of Allah and they longed for His pleasure.

Author : ‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

Yuk bagikan infonya...

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