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You are welcome to have some tourism knowledge of the Most beautiful places in Palestine. Lots of ancient palaces are there is Palestine. The most authentic fun in Palestinian is the Oktoberfest. You are sure to be impressed with the hospitality of the Palestinian. There are lots of colourful handicraft factories and markets there. And I have to say about the Palestinian cuisine. Any tourist can completely enjoy his tour in Palestinian cities. The top 10 Most beautiful places in Palestine are being described below.

10. The Mar Saba Monastery, Judean desert

The Mar Saba Monastery, Judean desert

The Palestinian countryside is getting popular day by day to the tourists. This desert is perfect for the hiking and biking lovers. You can grab a car and take a trip through the Mar Saba, the camels and cluster buildings are there to add some extra fascination to your trip. Mar Saba is also important to the Christians as the Jesus, Elijah and other Christian monks. This place was named by the person Mar Saba, who lived in the desert alone and found a spring and built the cluster caves.

9. Belameh, Jenin

Belameh, Jenin

The morning in Jenin starts with the spiritual musical wave of Azan. Any tourist who wakes up early can enjoy the true and refreshing beauty of this town. Jenin is mostly known for its olive harvest and the attack by the Israeli army in 2002.  You can have a look of the other properties of Jenin. The Balemeh is one of the most favorite places for the history lovers. This is located at the northwest entrance of Jenin. This is sure to take you back to the Bronze Age.

8. Hebron souk, Hebron

Hebron souk, Hebron

Hibron’s souk is one of the Most beautiful places in Palestine. The tourists feel honored to have a cup of tea with the Hebron women. The souk represents the spirit of the Hebron women who contribute a lot during the Israel attack. Then the souk became just the only economic sources. There you can see lots of extraordinary embroidered accessories and the unique scarves from the Keffiyeh factory on the west bank. This souks shops are  small in size, but rich in significance.

7. Hisham’s Palace, Jericho

Hisham’s Palace, Jericho

This city of Jericho is much different than the other parts of the west bank. There are garden restaurants at the summer time for the rest of the tourists and these restaurants got warped into the indoor restaurant during the winter. It’s all about the comfort of the customers. The Hisham’s Palace is one of the most spectacular spots in the entire Jerico. This is an ancient palace. The curved stonework reminds the royalty and uniqueness of the palace. The palace was ruined in an earthquake, but still spreads its glory with the existence.

6. Khan El- Umdan, Akka

Khan El- Umdan, Akka

Khan El- Umdan also known as the Khan-I-Avamid. It symbolizes the Ottoman-era. This place is well reserved and one of the Most beautiful places in Palestine territories. It is contributing a lot to the Palestinian tourism. This place was designed in 2001 as a world’s heritage site. There is a clock tower at the main entrance of the Khan El- Umdan. It is a part of the Palestinian and Israel territories at a time. Now the clock tower has got the place on the Israel stamp.

5. Hammam ash- Shifa, Nablus

Hammam ash- Shifa, Nablus

After visiting through the deserts and enjoying cycling and walking under the hot sun, you must be in need of having a fresh bath. In Nablus, there are ottoman hammams. You will get a warm water shower with a perfect massage here. The soaps are of Olive and you can enjoy sweets along with tea and Shifa.   The Hammam ash- Shifa is the most popular from the 17th century. The volunteers and the service men will make you feel intimate to them with their perfect service. You are sure to forget the tiredness of the journey.

4. Deir Ghassaneh, Ramallah

Deir Ghassaneh, Ramallah

Deir Ghassaneh is one of the small villages in the north of Ramallah. This village is full of stone houses. The passages and courtyards are very small them and many of the houses include wells to store water, olive oil, grains. This village was built in the 18thcentury. Now the women of this village are offering a way to the village and establish on kind of museum. You are also welcome to taste the local food and have a cooking class of the Palestinian cuisines. So the food lovers can join them in the afternoon lesson.

3. Abraham Mosque, Hebron

Abraham Mosque, Hebron

Abraham Mosque is the fourth holiest place for Muslims. The Abraham’s Mosque is known as Al- Haram Al-Ibrahim. According to Arabian legend, the huge stone of the walls is set up by the prophet Solomon (pbuh). He made this with the help of the genies. The walls stand without any mortar. The prophet (S) came to this al-Haram al- Ibrahim by the night flight from Mecca to Jerusalem.

2. The church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

The church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

Bethlehem is one of the Most beautiful places in Palestine cities. This city is small but it is at the top of Christian religion significance. This is the birth place of Jesus and many people come on a tour of Bethlehem because of this reason. They take it as their life changing tour and closer to their God. The Church or Nativity is one of the visited and oldest churches in the world.  It symbolizes the Christian respect. The people, who visit Bethlehem, must visit this place.

1. Haram ash- Sharif, Jerusalem

Haram ash- Sharif, Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the heart of the Palestinian tourism. This city has to face so many difficulties with time, but still stand proud. This city is important to both Christian and Islamic. The each path, mosques, churches symbolize the histories of the Prophets, leaders. The Haram ash- Sharif is the most amazing beauty and authentic holy place. The Golden rock dome is the most incredible view in Haram ash- Sharif and Jerusalem. This golden rock dom now symbolizes Jerusalem internationally.

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