The Ratios

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The Ratios 

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It is also a mystery why these forces exist in the ratios in which they do, from weakest to strongest. As a case in point, the gravitational force is a trillion times weaker than the other forces, yet it is the most far-reaching. Without a balance of forces to a degree the human mind cannot imagine, the Big Bang would not have succeeded in bringing the universe to its present form and shape. For instance, it is estimated that had the explosive strength ofthe Big Bang been less by 1 in 10(60), the universe would have collapsed upon itself due to gravitational pull. Had it been more by 1 in 10(60), galaxies could not have formed.

On the other hand, if the nuclear force was slightly weaker, the nucleus of an atom would disintegrate so that there would be only energy and no matter. In contrast, if the strong force was slightly stronger, there would be virtually no hydrogen left in the universe because two protons would then stick to each other, overcoming the repelling force of the electrical charge; consequently annihilating one proton and reducing it to a neutron. Thus, only helium would have existed and no hydrogen, and therefore no water, no life, and no humans. Significantly, if, as the universe was forming, the strength of the force of gravitation had varied by as little as a mere one part in 10,000 billion, billion, billion, billion (1 part in 10(40)), this delicate balance would not have been achieved.

The ratio of the forces of nature, then, is crucial. Does this not indicate that a Creator was involved who did the fine-turning? The Qur’an states:

“And He created each thing and determined it with [precise] determination.” (25:2)

Author : Syed Iqbal Zaheer

Yuk bagikan infonya...

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