The Environment : Preserving Trees

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The Environment : Preserving Trees  

Understanding Islam    

Prophet Muhammad encouraged farming to increase agricultural resources and enhance a benevolent environment.

He said: “Whenever a Muslim plants or grows a sapling or a plant, and a human being, a beast, or anything else feeds upon it, it is counted for him as an act of benevolence.” (Bukhari)

Prophet Muhammad was the first to establish environmental reservations, where trees could not be cut down and animals could not be killed. 

Prophet Muhammad was the first to establish environmental reservations, where trees could not be cut down and animals could not be killed. He protected the whole of Madinah where no tree could be uprooted and nothing bigger than what can be used to drive a camel could be cut. He said: “It is sacred, and none of its trees may be cut, except for a man feeding his camel.” (Bukhari)

He also said: “I forbid the trees between the two lavas of Madinah to be cut down.” (Bukhari)

Author : Abdullah Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center, Qatar

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