Women’s Rights in Islam : Women in the Teachings of the Prophet

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Prophet Muhammad confronted many unjust practices that were institutionalized by the pre-Islamic society against women. Men of that society were benefiting greatly from the roles they have prescribed for women. When the Prophet started preaching against the male treatment of women, the Quraishi’s adamantly opposed him. Nevertheless, it was Divine Revelation that he had to pass onto people regardless of their unjust interest.

Abu Hurairah reported that Prophet Muhammad said:

“Let him be a loser, let him be a loser, let him be a loser.” Someone said, “Who is he, Oh Messenger of Allah? He said, “The one who has lived to see his parents or one of them and did not enter paradise.”

Jabir said I heard the Messenger of Allah saying:

“The one who is deprived of kindness is deprived of goodness “

Anas Ibn Malik said that the Messenger of Allah had said:

“Whoever brings up two daughters, he and I will come side by side in the Day of Judgment”

Author : Abdallah H. Al-Kahtany

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