ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Scholarships

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ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Scholarships

ETH Zurich offers various scholarships

Scholarships for study and living costs

Funding studies is primarily the responsibility of the student and his/her immediate family. ETH Zurich can offer students a scholarship if they and their family cannot afford this funding, provided that the students can demonstrate that they are making adequate progress with their studies.

Scholarships from ETH Zurich are always intended to provide subsidiary funding. In other words, they are designed to supplement other financial resources, and in particular other scholarships from the student’s canton of residence or country of origin. ETH Zurich scholarships do not completely cover the costs of studies and living. Swiss students and students who have taken up residence in Switzerland are entitled to scholarships covering up to 60% of these costs, while foreign students may receive a contribution of up to 40%.

Scholarship calculator

Scholarships for study and living costs are awarded on the condition that the applicant can provide evidence of his/her financial circumstances in the form of official documents.

The scholarship calculatorcan help determine the amount of a potential ETH-Scholarship. There is no entitlement to benefits on the basis of this estimate sum.

If there occur problems with the scholarship calculator using the Internet Explorer, a change to Firefox or Chrome is recommended.

Scholarships from special funds

There are special scholarships available for some study programmes. These scholarships are usually awarded on the basis of conditions such as a particularly good academic performance, the choice to pursue a particular field of study or the student’s nationality.

Study grants from various foundations

There are a number of foundations in Switzerland and abroad which offer grants of various sizes to support young people in education. It is worth researching these funding opportunities online or making enquiries at your local authority.

Living costs (PDF, 160 KB)

Excellence scholarships

ETH Zurich supports outstanding students who wish to pursue Master’s degree studies by offering two scholarship programmes:

– Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP)

– Master Scholarship Programme (MSP)

Swiss government scholarships

The Swiss Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) awards scholarships for postgraduate studies to foreign students with a university degree.

For further information see Swiss Government Scholarships

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