What Happens after Death?

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82. And those who believe and do righteous good deeds, they are dwellers of Paradise, they will dwell therein forever. [Quran 2: 82]

185. Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing). [Quran 3: 185]

124. And whoever does righteous good deeds, male or female, and is a (true) believer, such will enter Paradise and not the least injustice, even to the size of a speck on the back of a date-stone, will be done to them. [Quran 4: 124]

72. “Verily, whosoever sets up partners (in worship) with Allah, then Allah has forbidden Paradise to him, and the Fire will be his abode. And for the wrong-doers there are no helpers. [Quran 5: 72]

40. Verily, those who belie Our signs and treat them with arrogance, for them the gates of heaven will not be opened, and they will not enter Paradise until the camel goes through the eye of the needle (which is impossible). Thus do We recompense the criminals. [Quran 7: 40]

42. But those who believed, and worked righteousness – We tax not any person beyond his scope – such are the dwellers of Paradise. They will abide therein. [Quran 7: 42]

43. And We shall remove from their chests any (mutual) hatred or sense of injury (which they had, if at all, in the life of this world); rivers flowing under them, and they will say: “All the praises and thanks be to Allah, Who has guided us to this, and never could we have found guidance, were it not that Allah had guided us! Indeed, the Messengers of our Lord did come with the truth.” And it will be cried out to them: “This is the Paradise which you have inherited for what you used to do.” [Quran 7: 43]

44. And the dwellers of Paradise will call out to the dwellers of the Fire (saying): “We have indeed found true what our Lord had promised us; have you also found true, what your Lord promised (warnings)?” They shall say: “Yes.” Then a crier will proclaim between them: “The Curse of Allah is on the wrong-doers.” [Quran 7: 44]

49. Are they those, of whom you swore that Allah would never show them mercy. (Behold! It has been said to them): “Enter Paradise, no fear shall be on you, nor shall you grieve.” [Quran 7: 49]

50. And the dwellers of the Fire will call to the dwellers of Paradise: “Pour on us some water or anything that Allah has provided you with.” They will say: “Both (water and provision) Allah has forbidden to the disbelievers.” [Quran 7: 50]

26. For those who have done good is the best (reward, i.e. Paradise) and even more. Neither darkness nor dust nor any humiliating disgrace shall cover their faces. They are the dwellers of Paradise, they will abide therein forever. [Quran 10: 26]

23. Verily, those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and humble themselves (in repentance and obedience) before their Lord, they will be dwellers of Paradise to dwell therein forever. [Quran 11: 23]

100. That is some of the news of the (population of) towns which We relate unto you; of them, some are (still) standing, and some have been (already) reaped. 101. We wronged them not, but they wronged themselves. So their gods, other than Allah, whom they invoked, profited them naught when there came the Command of your Lord, nor did they add aught to them but destruction. 102. Such is the Seizure of your Lord when He seizes the (population of) the towns while they are doing wrong. Verily, His Seizure is painful, (and) severe. 103. Indeed in that (there) is a sure lesson for those who fear the torment of the Hereafter. That is a Day whereon mankind will be gathered together, and that is a Day when all (the dwellers of the heavens and the earth) will be present. 104. And We delay it only for a term (already) fixed. 105. On the Day when it comes, no person shall speak except by His (Allah’s) Leave. Some among them will be wretched and (others) blessed. 106. As for those who are wretched, they will be in the Fire, sighing in a high and low tone. 107. They will dwell therein for all the time that the heavens and the earth endure, except as your Lord wills. Verily, your Lord is the Doer of whatsoever He intends (or wills).

108. And those who are blessed, they will be in Paradise, abiding therein for all the time that the heavens and the earth endure, except as your Lord wills: a gift without an end. [Quran 11: 100-108]

35. The description of the Paradise which the pious have been promised: Underneath it rivers flow, its provision is eternal and so is its shade; this is the end of the the pious, and the end of the disbelievers is Fire. [Quran 13: 35]

32. Those whose lives the angels take while they are in a pious state saying (to them): Salâmun ‘Alaikum (peace be on you) enter you Paradise, because of that (the good) which you used to do (in the world).” [Quran 16: 32]

60. Except those who repent and believe, and work righteousness. Such will enter Paradise and they will not be wronged in aught. [Quran 19: 60]

63. Such is the Paradise which We shall give as an inheritance to those of Our slaves who have been the pious. [Quran 19: 63]

24. The dwellers of Paradise will, on that Day, have the best abode, and have the fairest of places for repose. [Quran 25: 24]

90. And Paradise will be brought near to the pious. [Quran 26: 90]

58. And those who believe and do righteous good deeds, to them We shall surely give lofty dwellings in Paradise, underneath which rivers flow, to live therein forever. Excellent is the reward for the workers. [Quran 29: 58]

17. No person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy as a reward for what they used to do. [Quran 32: 17]

55. Verily, the dwellers of the Paradise, that Day, will be busy with joyful things. 56. They and their wives will be in pleasant shade, reclining on thrones. 57. They will have therein fruits (of all kinds) and all that they ask for.

58. (It will be said to them): Salâm (peace be on you) – a Word from the Lord (Allah), Most Merciful. 59. (It will be said): “And O you Mujrimûn (criminals, polytheists, sinners, disbelievers in the Islâmic Monotheism, wicked evil ones)! Get you apart this Day (from the believers). 60. Did I not command you, O Children of Adam, that you should not worship Shaitân (Satan). Verily, he is a plain enemy to you. 61. And that you should worship Me. That is the Straight Path. 62. And indeed he (Satan) did lead astray a great multitude of you. Did you not, then, understand? 63. This is Hell which you were promised! 64. Burn therein this Day, for that you used to disbelieve. 65. This Day, We shall seal up their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn. [Quran 36: 55-65]

73. And those who kept their duty to their Lord will be led to Paradise in groups, till, when they reach it, and its gates will be opened (before their arrival for their reception) and its keepers will say: Salâmun ‘Alaikum (peace be upon you)! You have done well, so enter here to abide therein.” [Quran 39: 73]

40. “Whosoever does an evil deed, will not be requited except the like thereof; and whosoever does a righteous deed, whether male or female and is a true believer, such will enter Paradise, where they will be provided therein without limit. [Quran 40: 40]

7. And thus We have revealed to you a Qur’ân in Arabic that you may warn the Mother of the Towns (Makkah) and all around it, and warn (them) of the Day of Assembling of which there is no doubt: when a party will be in Paradise and a party in the blazing Fire (Hell). [Quran 42: 7]

68. (It will be said to the true believers of Islâmic Monotheism): My worshippers! No fear shall be on you this Day, nor shall you grieve.

69. (You) who believed in Our signs and were Muslims. 70. Enter Paradise, you and your wives, in happiness. 71. Trays of gold and cups will be passed round them; (there will be) therein all that inner-selves could desire, and all that eyes could delight in and you will abide therein forever. 72. This is the Paradise which you have been made to inherit because of your deeds which you used to do (in the life of the world). 73. Therein for you will be fruits in plenty, of which you will eat (as you desire). [Quran 43: 68-73]

13. Verily, those who say: “Our Lord is (only) Allah,” and thereafter stand firm and straight on the Islâmic Faith of Monotheism, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

14. Such shall be the dwellers of Paradise, abiding therein (forever) – a reward for what they used to do. [Quran 46: 13-14]

16. They are those from whom We shall accept the best of their deeds and overlook their evil deeds. (They shall be) among the dwellers of Paradise – a promise of truth, which they have been promised. [Quran 46: 16]

15. The description of Paradise which the pious have been promised (is that) in it are rivers of water the taste and smell of which are not changed, rivers of milk of which the taste never changes, rivers of wine delicious to those who drink, and rivers of clarified honey (clear and pure) therein for them is every kind of fruit, and forgiveness from their Lord. (Are these) like those who shall dwell forever in the Fire and be given to drink boiling water so that it cuts up their bowels? [Quran 47: 15]

31. And Paradise will be brought near to the pious. [Quran 50: 31]

20. Not equal are the dwellers of the Fire and the dwellers of the Paradise. It is the dwellers of Paradise that will be successful. [Quran 59: 20]

37. Then for him who transgressed all bounds.

38. And preferred the life of this world.

39. Verily, his abode will be Hellfire.

40. But as for him who feared standing before his Lord, and restrained himself from impure evil desires and lusts.

41. Verily, Paradise will be his abode.

42. They ask you about the Hour – when will be its appointed time?

43. You have no knowledge to say anything about it.

44. To your Lord belongs (the knowledge of) the term thereof?

45. You are only a Warner for those who fear it,

46. The Day they see it, (it will be) as if they had not tarried (in this world) except an afternoon or a morning. [Quran 79: 37-46]

1. When the sun is wound round and its light is lost and is overthrown. 2. And when the stars fall. 3. And when the mountains are made to pass away.

4. And when the pregnant she-camels are neglected.

5. And when the wild beasts are gathered together. 6. And when the seas become as blazing Fire or overflow. 7. And when the souls are joined with their bodies, (the good with the good and the bad with the bad). 8. And when the female (infant) buried alive (as the pagan Arabs used to do) is questioned. 9. For what sin, was she killed? 10. And when the (written) pages [of deeds (good and bad) of every person] are laid open. 11. And when the heaven is stripped off and taken away from its place. 12. And when Hell-fire is set ablaze. 13. And when Paradise is brought near. 14. (Then) every person will know what he has brought (of good and evil). [Quran 81: 1-14]

15. Say: “Is that (torment) better or the Paradise of Eternity which is promised to the pious?” It will be theirs as a reward and as a final destination. [Quran 25: 15]

13. Then when the Trumpet will be blown with one blowing (the first one). 14. And the earth and the mountains shall be removed from their places, and crushed with a single crushing. 15. Then on that Day shall the (Great) Event befall. 16. And the heaven will be rent asunder, for that Day it (the heaven) will be frail and torn up. 17. And the angels will be on its sides, and eight angels will, that Day, bear the Throne of your Lord above them. 18. That Day shall you be brought to Judgement, not a secret of you will be hidden. 19. Then as for him who will be given his Record in his right hand will say: “Here! read my Record! 20. “Surely, I did believe that I shall meet my Account!”

21. So he shall be in a life, well-pleasing. 22. In a lofty Paradise. 23. The fruits in bunches whereof will be low and near at hand. 24. Eat and drink at ease for that which you have sent on before you in days past! 25. But as for him who will be given his Record in his left hand, will say: “I wish that I had not been given my Record! 26. “And that I had never known how my Account is! 27. “Would that it had been my end (death)! 28. “My wealth has not availed me. 29. “My power (and arguments to defend myself) have gone from me!” 30. (It will be said): “Seize him and fetter him.

31. Then throw him in the blazing Fire.

32. “Then fasten him with a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits!” 33. Verily, he used not to believe in Allah, the Most Great. 34. And urged not on the feeding of Al-Miskîn (the poor).

35. So no friend has he here this Day. 36. Nor any food except filth from the washing of wounds. 37. None will eat it except the Khâti’ûn (sinners, disbelievers, polytheists). 38. So I swear by whatsoever you see. 39. And by whatsoever you see not, 40. That this is verily, the word of an honoured Messenger. 41. It is not the word of a poet: little is that you believe! 42. Nor is it the word of a soothsayer (or a foreteller): little is that you remember!

43. This is the Revelation sent down from the Lord of the worlds. [Quran 69: 13-43]

11. So Allah saved them from the evil of that Day, and gave them Nadrah (a light of beauty) and joy. 12. And their recompense shall be Paradise, and silken garments, because they were patient.

13. Reclining therein on raised thrones, they will see there neither the excessive heat of the sun, nor the excessive bitter cold, (as in Paradise there is no sun and no moon). 14. And the shade thereof is close upon them, and the bunches of fruit thereof will hang low within their reach. 15. And amongst them will be passed round vessels of silver and cups of crystal – 16. Crystal-clear, made of silver. They will determine the measure thereof (according to their wishes). 17. And they will be given to drink there of a cup (of wine) mixed with Zanjabîl (ginger), 18. A spring there, called Salsabîl. 19. And round about them will (serve) boys of everlasting youth. If you see them, you would think them scattered pearls. 20. And when you look there (in Paradise), you will see a delight (that cannot be imagined), and a great dominion.

21. Their garments will be of fine green silk, and gold embroidery. They will be adorned with bracelets of silver, and their Lord will give them a pure drink. 22. (And it will be said to them): “Verily, this is a reward for you, and your Endeavour has been accepted.” [Quran 76: 11-22]

133. And march forth in the way (which leads to) forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the pious. 134. Those who spend (in Allah’s Cause) in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger, and who pardon men; verily, Allah loves the doers of good. 135. And those who, when they have committed Fâhishah (illegal sexual intercourse) or wronged themselves with evil, remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins; – and none can forgive sins but Allah – and do not persist in what (wrong) they have done, while they know. 136. For such, the reward is Forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath, wherein they shall abide forever. How excellent is this reward for the doers. [Quran 3: 133-136]

21. Race with one another in hastening towards forgiveness from your Lord (Allah), and Paradise the width whereof is as the width of the heaven and the earth, prepared for those who believe in Allah and His Messengers. That is the Grace of Allah which He bestows on whom He is pleased with. And Allah is the Owner of Great Bounty. [Quran 57: 21]

39. But those who disbelieve and belie Our signs – such are the dwellers of the Fire. They shall abide therein forever. [Quran 2: 39]

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