30 Contoh Soal dan Pembahasan Bahasa Inggris

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30 Contoh Soal dan Pembahasan Bahasa Inggris

Part One : Reading Comprehension

Question no. 1-5: Choose the best answer based on the following text.

Meetings can waste a lot of your time. But you can make your meeting run more smoothly by following a few simple rules. First, have an agenda. This will help you keep focused on what is important. Next, decided who needs to be involved, More people mean less difficult discussion. Finally, keep the discussion moving. Thank every speaker as he or she finishes and moves into the next speaker. This encourages people to make their remarks brief.

The problem with meetings, is that no one likes, wants, and needs them. Yet, everyone, has them. Meetings are the corporate world’s response to primitive socializing behaviors. People feel more comfortable in making decisions in groups. They can then share blame if a decision turns out to be the wrong decision. Sharing credit for a correct decision is not often found in groups. Then individuals tend to remind people of how persuasive they were in the meeting when the “right” decision was made.

1. What is one way to run a meeting well?

a. which how your manager runs meetings
b. minimize the number of participants
c. let everyone speak
d. let the group make the decision

2. What is the purpose of a meeting agenda?
a. to allow free decision
b. to keep the speakers organized
c. to send to others in advanced
d. to keep focused on important itern

3. How should you receive other people’s comments at a meeting?

a. critize them in public
b. give them time as much as they want
c. thank them an move on
d. try to keep others from talking

4. The author feels that meetings ….

a. give people an opportunity to socialize
b. are an effective tool
c. are cost-efficient
d. are well-attended

5. In conclusion the author feels ….

a. meeting should be held more frequently
b. no one should receive credit for their work
c. real work is left to the professional
d. all meeting should be in the morning

Questions no. 6-10: Choose the best answer based on the following text.

A little more than a hundred years ago, a scientist in Medford, Massachusetts was trying to help local industry. Instead of helping local industry, however, he caused a major problem with the local environment. The scientist thought that it would be a good idea to try to develop the silk-making industry in Medford. He knew that the silk industry in Asia was successful because of the silkworm, a caterpillar that ate only mulberry leaves Mulherry trees did not grow in Medford, so the scientist decided to work on developing a type of silk making worm that would eat the type of tree leaves in Medford.

His plan was to create a worm that was a cross between the silkworm and another type of imported worm that would eat the types of leaves around Medford. Unfortunately, his plan did not turn out as he wanted. He was not able to come up with a silk-producing worm. However, the that he imported did like to eat the leaves of the trees around Medford.

6. The situation in this passage place approximately …

a. a decade ago
b. two decades ago
c. a century ago
d. two centuries ago

7. The word “major’ in paragraph 1 could be best replaced by ….

a. military
b. huge
c. solvable
d. minuscule

8. It can be inferred from the passage that the silk making industry ….

a. never got started in Medford
b. produced lower quality silk
c. is still being developed
d. became quite successful

9. The expression “a cross between in paragraph 3 could be best replaced by ….

a. an enemy of
b. a combination of
c. a predecessor of
d. an invention of

10. Finally, the scientist considered … a new type of worm.

a. to create
b. creates
c. created
d. creating

Part Two: Structure and Usage

Question no. 11-20: Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

11. The view from your house is … from mine.

a. better
b. better than
c. the better
d. the best

12. …. of human resources is interviewing applicants.

a. Director
b. The director
c. A director
d. Directors

13. Honey is the only form of naturally occuring sugar that … to be refined.

a. does not
b. does not have
c. not having
d. has not

14. Most of books … for accounting, today are supplemented with CD-ROMs.

a. using
b. use of
c. in use
d. are used

15. …. remarkable achievement in music, Indra Lesmana is appointed to be the judge for the Indonesian Idol 2004.

a. His
b. By his
c. It was his
d. For his

16. The art of singing is ….. humanity.

a. as old
b. old as
c. as old as
d. so old

17. A cloud is a dense mass of … water vapor or ice particles.

a. or
b. wheteher
c. both
d. ether

18. When … the conference?

a. the Director attended
b. did the Director attend
c. the Director will attend
d. the Director’s attendance

19. …. replaced the Franklin half dollar in 1964.

a. The Kennedy half dollar
b. The half dollar featured Kennedy
c. On the Kennedy half dollar
d. The Kennedy half dollar that

20. If I … you, I’d just go for dessert.

a. was
b. am
c. were
d. had been

Part Three: Vocabulary and Idioms

Questions no. 21-25: Choose one word or phrase which would best keep the meaning of the original sentence if it were substituted for the underlined word.

21. Mr. Bambang is a co-worker of Mr. Budi.

a. an advocate
b. a disciple
c. a rival
d. a colleague

22. Strive for excellence

a. cooperate with others
b. be patient
c. make effort
d. pay well

23. Architects must consider whether their design are likely to be very wet in sudden downpours.

a. vulnerable
b. drenched
c. secured
d. exposed

24. The speed of light is used to measure the vast spaces between stars and planets.
a. empty
b. huge
c. interstellar
d. infinite

25. Athletes learn to conceal their disappoinement when they lose.

a. disguise
b. accept
c. ignore
d. regret

Questions no. 26-30: Choose the opposite meaning of the underlined word.

26. Jono’s university education even gave him a drawback because he’s getting smarter in deceiving his society for his own benefit.

a. advantage
b. opportunity
c. progress
d. benefit

27. It was such an outstanding effort of hers to won that prestigious scholarship.

a. negative
b. insignificant
c. noticeable
d. useless

28. You must show your zeal for work, it will please your employer.
a. poerless
b. enthusiasm
c. apathy
d. anger

29. Feeling the suffering of the refugees, the soldiers treated them compassionately during the Iraqi war.

a. badly
b. rudely
c. slowly
d. mercilessly

30. A hostile crowd marced their way to town crying out their demand for national reform.

a. polite
b. friendly
c. quiet
d. calm


1. Pada paragraf 1 terdapat kalimat “More people mean less efficient discussion”. Artinya: Lebih banyak orangnya berarti diskusi kurang efisien.
Salah satu cara agar meeting berjalan dengan baik adalah dengan memperkecil jumlah orang yang berpartisipasi (minimize the number of participants).
Jawaban: b

2. Tujuan pembuatan agenda pertemuan terdapat di paragraf 1. di kalimat ‘First, have an agenda. This will help you keep focused on what is important’. yang intinya bahwa sebuah agenda akan membantu kamu tetap fokus pada apa yang penting.
Jadi, tujuan dari pembuatan agenda pertemuan adalah to keep focused on important item.
Jawaban: d

3. Cara kita menerima komentar orang lain pada sebuah pertemuan, terdapat pada paragraf 1, kalimat “Finally, keep the discussion moving. Thank every speaker as he or she finishes and moves into the next speaker”. Artinya: dengan membuat diskusi tetap berjalan. Berterima kasih pada setiap pembicara ketika pembicara itu selesai dan rnelanjutkan pada pembicara berikutnya.
Jadi, cara menerima komentar orang Iain pada sebuah pertemuan adalah dengan thank then and move on.
Jawaban: c

4. Perasaan penulis terhadap meeting terdapat di paragraf 2, di kalimat ‘Meetings are the corporate world’s response to primitive socializing behaviors’. Artinya: Pertemuan adalah respon dunia kerjasama untuk bersosialisasi. Jadi, perasaan penulis terhadap meeting adalah give people an opportunity to socialize.
Jawaban: a

5. Pada paragraf 2 terdapat kalimat ”Sharing credit for a correct decision is not often found in groups”. Artinya: Pembagian kredit atau imbalan untuk keputusan yang benar tidak sering ditemukan di dalam kelompok. Dengan kata lain, masih ada kelompok yang menerima imbalan. Dari kalimat tersebut, penulis berkesimpulan bahwa tidak ada seorang pun yang seharusnya menerima imbalan untuk pekerjaannya (no one should receive credit for their work).
Jawaban: b

6. Pada kalimat “A little more than a hundred years ago, … ”, terdapat kata a hundred years ago yang artinya seratus tahun yang lalu. (100 tahun = 1 abad).
Jadi, situasi ini terjadi sekitar 1 abad yang lalu (a century ago).
Jawaban: c

7. major = besar, military = militer, huge = besar, solvable = dapat dipecahkan, minuscule = sangat kecil
Jawaban: b

8. Pada paragraf 2 terdapat kalimat “Mulberry trees did not grow in Medford, so the scientist decided to work on developing a type of silkmaking worm that would eat the type of tree leaves in Medford’. Artinya: Mulberry tidak tumbuh di daerah Medford, jadi ilmuwan memutuskan untuk mengembangkan sebuah tipe ulat pembuat sutera yang akan memakan tipe daun pohon di Medford.
Dari kalimat tersebut tampak bahwa industri pembuatan sutera di Medford memproduksi sutera dengan kualitas yang lebih rendah dari Asia karena Mulberry tidak dapat tumbuh di Medford. Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah produced lower quality silk.
Jawaban: b

9. a cross between = penyilangan an enemy of = musuh
a combination of = kombinasi
a predecessor of = pendahulu, leluhur
an invention of = penemuan, ciptaan
Jadi, kata yang maknanya mendekati makna a cross between adatah a combination of (penyilangan/ kombinasi).
Jawaban: b

10. Pada kalimat “Finally, the sciuntist considered … a new type of worm”, terdapat kata kerja considered yang bentuk V1-nya adalah consider.
Seharusnya, kata kerja consider diikuti oleh gerund (V-ing). Pada pillhan jawaban, kata yang berbentuk gerund (V-ing) adalah creating.
Jawaban: d

11. Kalimat “The view from your house is … from mine”, membandingkan dua hal (comparative comparison) yaitu antara your house dan mine. Comparative Comparison mempunyai penanda yaitu penggunaan akhiran __r/er dan penggunaan kata ‘than’.
Jawaban yang memiIiki penanda tersebut adalah better than, sehingga kalimatnya menjadi The view from your house is better than mine. Jawaban: b

12. Kalimat ” .. of human resources is interviewing applicants” mernbutuhkan inti atau head dari noun phrase pada subjek.
Karena kata yang jelas (definite) membutuhkan artikel ‘the’, maka jawaban yang tepat adalah the director.
Jawaban: b

13. Pada kalimat “Honey is the only form of naturally occurring sugar that … to be refined”, terdapat kata that yang berfungsi sebagai relative pronoun dan seharusnya terdapat kata kerja V1 atau be jika berbentuk kalimat pasif yang terdapat modall similar modal. Jika kalimat di atas dilengkapi dengan has not, maka kalimatnya menjadi Honey is the only form of naturaIly occurring sugar that has not to be refined (Madu adalah satu-satunya bentuk dari gula yang tidak harus disuling). Has not to merupakan bentuk negatif dari similar modal ‘has to’. Jadi, tersebut tepat secara struktur.
Jawaban: d

14. Kalimat “Most of books … for accounting today are supplemented with CD-ROMs” dapat dengan in use sehingga kalimatnya menjadi Most of books in use for accounting today are supplemented with CDROMs.
Artinya: Sebagian besar buku yang kegunaannya untuk akunting/laporan sekarang dilengkapi dengan CD-ROMs.
Jawaban: c

15. Pada kalimat “… remarkable achievement in Music, lndra Lesmana is appointed to be the judge for the Indonesian Idol 2004”, terdapat tanda koma (,). Sebelum tanda koma, dapat dilengkapi dengan frase atau kalimat yang berfungsi sebagai adverb untuk menerangkan suatu alasan mengapa Indra Lesmana ditunjuk sebagai juri Indonesian Idol 2004.

Jika dilengkapi oleh for his, maka kalimat menjadi “For his remarkable achievement in music, Indra Lesmana is appointed to be the judge for the Indonesian Idol 2004”. Artinya: Karena prestasi yang luar biasa, Indra Lesmana ditunjuk menjadi juri Indonesian Idol 2004. Dari kalimat tersebut jelas bahwa for his remarkable achievement in Music berfungsi sebagai adverb of reason dan maknanya tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat tersebut. Jawaban: d

16. Kalimat “The art of singing is … humanity”, menyatakan degree of comparison antara seni tarik suara (the art of singing) dengan umat manusia (humanity). Seperti yang kita ketahui, bahwa seni tarik suara seiring dengan peradaban manusia. Jadi, untuk menyatakan hal tersebut dalam degree of comparison harus mengikuti pola:

1. as + adjective/adverb + as
(untuk positive dan negative sentence)
2. so + adjectiveladverb + as
(untuk negative sentence)

Pada pilihan jawaban, yang memiliki pola degree of comparison adalah as old as.
Jawaban: c

17. Pada kalimat “A cloud is a dense Mass of … wafer vapor or ice particles”, terdapat kata ‘or’. Untuk melengkapi kalimat tersebut, harus dicari pasangan kata dari or. Either dapat berpasangan dengan or atau bentuknya ‘either- or’ dan tidak memerlukan kata kerja (verb). Jika either digunakan, maka kalimatnya menjadi A cloud is a dense rnass of either water vapor or ice particles.
Jawaban: d

18. “When … the conference?” merupakan kalimat tanya yang berpola: Question word+auxiliary verb/modal +S+V+O (untuk verb transitif)
Pada pilihan jawaban yang memiliki pola kalimat tanya yang benar adalah did the Director attend.
Jawaban: b

19. Kalimat … replaced the Franklin half dollar in 1964″ belum memiliki subjek
Jawaban yang tepat menjadi subjek adalah The half dollar featured Kennedy (Uang dollar yang dicirikan Kennedy) karena makna subjek dari frase tersebut lebih jelas daripada the Kennedy half dollar (uang dollar Kennedy).
Jawaban: b

20. Kalimat “If I … you, I’d just yo for dessert” bentuknya sama dengan If I … you, I would just go for dessert.
Kalimat tersebut berbentuk Conditional Sentence type 2 yaitu: If simple past tense, past future tense, sehingga untuk melengkapi kalimat tersebut, dibutuhkan be dalam bentuk past karena kalimat If i you merupakan nominal sentence. Jadi, be untuk melengkapl kalimat di atas adalah were, karena pada Conditional Sentence type 2, were berlaku untuk semua subjek.
Jawaban: c

21. co-worker = teman kerja, an advocate = seorang pengacara, a discipline = seorang murid, a rival = saingan, a colleague = kolega
Jadi, co-worker = a colleague = teman kerja/kolega.
Jawaban: d

22. strive = berusaha/bekerja keras
cooperate with others = bekerja sama orang lain
be patient = bersabar
make effort = berusaha
pay well = membayar dengan baik
Jadi, strive = make effort = berusaha/bekerja keras.
Jawaban: c

23. very wet = sangat basah, vulnerable = mudah diserang, drenched = basah, secured = terjamin, exposed = tidak tersembunyi
Jadi, very wet = drenched = basah.
Jawaban: b

24. vast = luas
empty = kosong
huge = besar
interstellar = antarbintang
infinite = yang tidak terbatas/sangat luas
jadi vast = infinite = sangat luas
jawaban: d

25. conceal = menyembunyikan, disguise = menyembunyikan, accept = menerima, ignore = mengabaikan, regret = menyesal
Jadi, conceal = disguise = menyembunyikan
Jawaban: a

26. drawback = kemunduran, advantage = keuntungan, opportunity = kesempatan, progress = kemajuan, benefit = keuntungan
Jadi, drawback (kemunduran) >< progress (kemajuan).
Jawaban: c

27. outstanding = terkenal/yang maju, negative = negatif, insignificant = tidak berarti, noticeable = nyata, useless = tidak berguna
Jadi, outstanding (yang maju) >< insignificant (tidak berarti).
Jawaban: b

28. zeal = semangat, powerless = tidak bertenaga, enthusiasm = antusias/ semangatnya besar, apathy = kelesuan, anger = kemarahan, amarah
Jadi, zeal (semangat) >< apathy (kelesuan)
Jawaban: c

29. compassionatelly = dengan kasihan
badly = dengan buruk
rudely = dengan kasar
slowly = dengan pelan
mersilessly = tak kenal ampun/ tanpa kasihan
Jadi, compassionately (dengan kasihan) >< mercilessly (tanpa kasihan).
Jawaban: d

30. hostile = bermusuhan
polite = sopan
friendly = bersahabat
quiet = diam
calm = tenang
Jadi, hostile (bermusuhan) >< friendly (bersahabat).
Jawaban: b


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